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I welcome my client to become as involved in the inspection as he or she sees fit. Some enjoy going through the inspection with me, while others are content to wait for the report. Either way, I remain available to answer questions before, during and after the survey.

Pre-Purchase Survey

This is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly advised
before purchasing a new or used vessel.  

A haul-out will be necessary for a proper bottom inspection, with fiberglass boats this involves a full percussive sounding of the laminate and, where and when relevant, use of a moisture meter. Below waterline components such as rudder, through hulls, strut, shaft, propeller and transducers are also examined while hauled out.

Other aspects of the pre-purchase survey include; testing and non-destructive inspection of  interior structural components, including stringers, transverse floors, bulkheads, tabbing and hull-to-deck joint where accessible. Electronics and electrical systems, propulsion, plumbing, steering, cabin appointments, safety equipment are all examined using a wide range of tools and an experienced eye.

A sea-trial can be tremendously helpful with testing systems, diagnosing problems and giving you, the prospective buyer, a sense of whether or not it’s the right boat. I urge my clients to have the broker or seller arrange an adequate sea-trial.

Of all the parties involved in the sale of a boat (seller, broker, lender, boatyard) none of them are actually working solely for you. Considering the expenses involved, it is of great value to retain a dedicated professional who is there to report directly to you. My goal when conducting pre-purchase surveys is to provide my client with an unbiased, detailed report of the inventory, condition, estimated value, and suitability for intended purpose of the vessel in question. No salesman or third party interest will distract or influence my duty to my client.

Condition and Value for Insurance (C&V)

A good c&v survey will allow you to present to an insurance company a report of just that: the condition and value of the vessel at the time of survey. Using resources such as BUC value pro, NADA, and, factoring in the vessels inventory, condition, and region, I can provide a well informed estimate of the fair market value, and replacement value.


I am available at a per-diem rate for:

  • Pre-voyage inspection.
  • Instructional consultation regarding purchase or refitting of vessels.
  • General guidance with getting started in boating or achieving your nautical goals.






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